Bianca Venerayan is a Toronto-based yoga teacher, writer, online influencer and other things that don’t fit into this tiny blurb



Select work in writing, creative direction and design

Published to Girlboss, this written work is a PSA to young adults (especially those of the female-identifying variety) that it's completely normal - and even liberating - to not know wtf you are doing.

I don't eat meat, but I don't identify as vegetarian. Published to Kastor & Pollux, this is a think piece on diet labels and their hindrance on the development of the food industry.

The concept of the brooding artist is a longstanding one. This think piece published to Girlboss sheds light on how harmful it can be.

A think piece published to Kastor & Pollux on the language used to shape sexuality, specifically the term 'virgin.'